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What they're saying

Nicola Little

Senior Sister
Being the boss isn't always an easy road. Coaching was a revelation! Not only on a professional level but on a personal one too. I was surprised to learn things about myself and my style that I had not previously been consciously aware. Some of my techniques and ways of working were helpful and we worked on nurturing these. However, it was apparent I had developed some not so helpful "mind traps" that halted my thinking and fogged my ability to make strong decisions without doubt and deliberation. This was having a huge effect on my personal resilience and my effectiveness and was sapping the enjoyment from a job I loved. Since coaching I find it much easier to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. I now use the theories and techniques that coaching has taught me as well as the insight into how my mind processes situations and events to guide me on a much easier, happier and more resilient path.
“Tilla has helped me to understand the barriers I had created that were negatively impacting on my ability to move forwards and achieve what I wanted. She has given me strategies to start breaking down these barriers enabling me to recognise and celebrate my achievements. I feel confident that I can continue to grow and thrive using the ideas and concepts we developed together.

Amy Dennis

" I feel braver, more confident, more chilled, more settled - and happier. When I first met Tilla - I didn't know what I needed, but I knew I needed to some help; I wanted to feel better, settled, happier in my job. I decided that I would invest in myself - and I'm so glad that I did! I had 5 sessions with her and the massive difference that she made to both my work and home life was to help me to discover and really understand my rich, colourful, beautiful and exciting values. The experience of working with Tilla has helped me to communicate with, understand, value, respect, cherish myself, my family and friends both at home and at work. Occasionally I lapse into some unhealthy behaviours - and then I reflect - and ask my inner wise self what she thinks / would do / would say......….. Thank you Tilla!"

Denise Ross


My passion? Enabling women, especially those in nursing and AHP leadership roles, to be bigger, more chocolatey versions of themselves

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