Confidence coaching and leadership development for women, nursing leadership teams and hospices.

“I learned so much about myself and what is really important to me. I “fell in love” with myself which gave me the confidence I was lacking in so many areas of my life”

Lorraine Wilson

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My Passion? Enabling women, especially nurses, to be bigger, more chocolatey versions of themselves

To lead their lives with confidence both at work and at home.

WORK WITH ME. Whether it’s free leadership resources, one-off dilemma coaching, nursing leadership team development or coaching for that new job I can help.

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nursing leadership|leading with impact

Life Coaching and confidence building for women in the scary quarter and mid life crisis who know that there “must be more to life than this!!” more

quarter life crisis life coaching|confidence building

Nursing leadership coaching for nurses & midwives who want to have greater leadership impact and create more balance in their lives. more

dilemma coaching

Dilemma Coaching for people who want help to step back and look at a dilemma or big decision. more

nursing leadership team building

Building effective nursing teams for  ward, community and midwifery teams who want better communication and more leadership. more

Nursing leadership in hospices

Hospice coaching, facilitation and support for nursing leadership teams and individual nurses and leaders .  more

midlife coaching women|coaching for women in midlife crisis

Coaching for working women who want more confidence to speak out, break the glass ceiling and create work-life balances.  more

I was de-motivated and felt dissatisfied with how I was performing as a leader and felt trapped. I have regained my confidence in myself and in others. I now feel motivated and enthusiastic again and can see the strength in those around me. I have put on and pulled up my Big Girl Pants and am now functioning at the level that I should be! 

Jackie Frazer, Macmillan Breast Care Nurse

nursing leadership