Get Some Confidence Coaching for Working Women!

Do you want some confidence coaching for working women to bust the glass ceiling and get some work life balance?

Are you a working woman? Holding down a job in someone else’s business? It might be in the public sector, in a profession, in a charity or not-for-profit.

Working women in the 21st century have a tough job. You have to be the leader of both your work life and your home life – balancing and juggling all the parts of them both. It’s tough to do it alone. I coach women to find their own sense of balance, set clear boundaries and to lead with confidence.

Confidence coaching for working women might mean growing new skills in balancing your role as a working mum, finding your feet in a new role, growing your leadership, breaking the glass ceiling, finding your voice or unearthing that lost confidence.

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I think more carefully about what I’m doing to ensure it’s what I want/ need to do, not because others want me to do it/are offloading it onto me, therefore I am more engaged with what I do focus my energy on. I feel more in control, when it’s beyond my power to say no (but I feel it’s not my role) I seek more support from management at work.” Iola Shaw, Project Leader

Confidence coaching for working women

Confidence coaching for working women works if you are:

A woman in a man’s world

Coming back after maternity leave

Struggling to find your voice

Making the transition from expert to leader

Wanting to create relationships that work

Or you  just want to get out!

If you want confidence coaching for working women and you’re looking for a coach and an ally give me a call. Coaching by phone or in person in Leeds – you choose.

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Now I don’t feel stuck

“Before I started working with Tilla I felt that there were some areas in which I’d got stuck. I felt I’d run out of things to try. Working with Tilla was good – practical and useful. I feel like I can say anything and won’t be judged or made to feel daft.

It feels exciting – how things are changing and improving, all the things I’m learning. She accepted me, pointed out my strengths, and challenged me directly, with honesty, care, and clarity. She has ideas, tools, and wisdom.
Tilla helped me to find a way of working that feels good. It changed how I feel about my partner, my professional role, and my home and leisure time, and most importantly, how I feel about me! Now I don’t feel stuck. Lots of things have changed for the better, and I confidently hope things will continue changing in a positive and exciting way.” Alison