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What is HELP NOW coaching?

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You know the feeling. You’re struggling with something that’s looming at work. Like a tough conversation, a challenging meeting, a new role. You’re feeling a bit out of your depth, stressed, alone and exposed. You may even be thinking of leaving your job. And you CAN’T THINK or concentrate. You’re procrastinating. Circling without landing.

You need help and you need it soon. Your mentor is busy, your boss is overwhelmed, who do you turn to? Help Now Coaching offers a 60 or 90-minute telephone coaching conversation.

The benefits

Procrastinate less, produce more

Get back in control

Deliver results faster

Reduce stress

Don’t take it home!

Buy a package of HELP NOW coaching sessionsHere’s what you’ll get

– Listening without judgement or blame.

– A space for stepping back, finding new perspectives and reflecting

– Help to unfog your thinking, get out of your own way and focus.

– A cheerleader and someone who believes you CAN do it.

– A plan for moving forward and accountability to make it happen.

– Access to simple tools and help sheets that you can reuse.

– And a prod to complete a Reflection Account Form for NMC revalidation if you’re a nurse or midwife.

What does Help Now coaching cost?

1 hour £100, 90 minutes £140

To book a HELP NOW Coaching session

STEP ONE – Download and fill in this REALLY QUICK AND SIMPLE form, then email it to me at tilla@

STEP TWO – Text me on +44 7740 465660, don’t forget to tell me who you are. This is simply a belt and braces approach! I’ll do my best to arrange it within 48 hours of you contacting me, often on the day.