Hospice Nursing Leadership

Hospice Nursing Leadership – Coaching and Team Development

Nursing leadership in hospices is a MASSIVELY challenging proposition. There are just SO MANY THINGS to balance. Like delivering a great service to your community with a mixture of paid staff, volunteers and a trustee board whilst keeping your funders, commissioners and accrediting bodies happy.

“A sense of control is very empowering – coming from an environment where things vary day to day at the drop of a hat! I no longer feel guilty for saying no nor feel like it is my responsibility to find a solution to every problem/question I am faced with.”¬†Lucy John, Sister

Hospice nursing leadership is a tough act. It calls for a balance of operational, strategic and team skills – along with a healthy dollop of resilience!

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Feeling the effects of:

– Needing to think/act like a business?

– Funding cuts?

– Nursing leadership in turbulent times?

– The impossibility of keeping everyone happy?

– Constant need to come up with new funding ideas?

– (Right) people in wrong jobs?

– Hanging on to the past?

Hospice Nursing Leadership coaching

Coaching for individuals and leadership teams can make a massive difference to effectiveness in these challenging times. We may begin with an exploration of you or your team using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or ¬†Belbin Team Roles. Or we’ll get curious about your values and limiting beliefs. Wherever we begin we’ll add value along the way.

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Get back in balance and integrity.

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