Coaching and leadership workshops

Leadership workshops for teams and individuals

Download details of my leadership workshops and packages for teamsInteractive, fun leadership workshops for managers, teams and individuals in the Leeds and Yorkshire area.

Most of these can be delivered in bite sized chunks, on or off site and tailored for your team.

If what you want isn’t in the list please ask! If I can’t do it I probably know someone who can.  WATCH THE VIDEO or nip straight to the list below. Download a PDF of my leadership workshops, speaking and team packages on the right.

“I can honestly say hand on heart it is one of the best courses I have been on in thirty four years of nursing. Tilla allowed us explore in complete safety the reasons why courageous conversations are not undertaken but more importantly gave us the tools to embark on them – which I did the very next day – my ‘elephant in the room’ was approached, fed and let out of the room! I think all organisations should be ‘Tillarised’”.
Debbie Smith Macmillan Cancer information and support centre manager

Which workshop fits your needs?

♦ Courageous Conversations Skills

Get a handle on the mindset and the skills to have those potentially tough conversations. Give yourself the confidence to show up fully in meetings, tackle performance issues, manage your boss, redesign your relationships at home and handle complaints professionally. Contact me for details about workshops for both teams and individuals.

♦ Big Conversations for Groups

Need to get lots of different people in a room to talk? Want to hear from everyone and make it inclusive? Would it be good to look to what’s possible and tap into all that wisdom in the room? I use the World Cafe as a way to make that happen.

♦ Leadership Skills for New (and not so new) Leaders

Finding your unique leadership style, prioritising your day, balancing your specialist role with your leadership one, creating a delegating mindset, getting back to your best self and lots more besides. I’ll design leadership workshops for you or your team. Contact me to discuss your needs.

“I had my band 7 job interview last week and I got the job!!!! I wanted to say a big thank you,
I used a lot of the things you coached the Band 6 group on at my interview.”
Helen P

♦ Making Meetings Work for You

Stripping away all the should and oughts to get to what really matters. I’ll give you skills to say what’s needed, hear from everyone, challenge the process, lead when you’re not chairing, get people to action and create accountability that works.

♦ Using Core Values As A Compass

Getting clear about your values can help you make decisions, keep focussed, have tough conversations and enjoy life more. Yet many people I work with have lost track of them. This workshop will get you clear! More details here. 

Vision Board and personal leadership workshops Leeds♦ Create a Vision Board for the Next Chapter of your life

Vision boards are a fabulous technique for focussing our energy and commitment on what’s important. Fun and friendly workshops in Leeds to make your own.

♦ Take Back Your Life! Move Your Limiting Beliefs Aside

Get past your gremlins, limiting beliefs and fears to create more ease and success in your life.

“I have applied the learning to my relationships at work. I have a greater appreciation that you cannot always change the person.  However, you can change your perception and it might help to change habitual ways of approaching recurrent problems. I now question myself ‘Is this true?  How do I know it’s true?’  The impact on patient care is that I feel less stressed about dealing with complex situations and characters that can be difficult to engage with.”
Julie Dale, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist (Palliative Care)