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How do Life Coaches Work?

Life coaching questions answered!

Book free life coaching tasterLife coaching has a simple aim. It’s about helping you to be more confident and resourceful. Through coaching you will learn to trust yourself. To really live your values and use them to make decisions. To get more enjoyment from your life. To move beyond fears and doubts. To take risks and learn from failure. To tap into both your intuition and wisest self. To identify what you need outside support with, and ask for it!

Great life coaching questions your assumptions about the world, your limiting beliefs about yourself, your habits and behaviours. Always, always so you can choose to explore them and replace the ones that no longer serve you with more useful ones. And create a set of tools in your kitbag to take with you into the future. Ready for some of that?

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Or follow these links to learn more about 1 to 1 life coaching for women in midlife and late 20s/early 30s (it’s called the quarter life crisis!)

 Want to get the very best return on investment from being coached? Here’s my pictorial romp through what YOU need to bring to it.

Saying NO

“I feel more like the person I used to be. I feel stronger, more determined. I don’t feel the need to always apologise. I recognise it is ok and valuable to say no sometimes.” Paula, Arts Marketing Manager


Coaching by phone from anywhere in the world or face-to-face in Leeds and West Yorkshire

When I began my coaching journey with Tilla I was a crossroads in my life but was afraid to look down any of the paths in front of me. Tilla began by using tools that were creative and fun to help me start to peek at life from between my fingers. I have felt able to think about the present and any potential futures in a new way and although I still get stuck, I can use the tools to free my deadlock. Tilla’s supportive and nurturing coaching style was perfect for me in that I felt free to be myself. She allowed space for me to explore the answers in my own way and I felt completely comfortable to say what I was feeling. I’m still on my journey but my mind is open to where that road may take me. J (name withheld)