Dilemma Coaching

Decision time? Ethical dilemma? Stuck? Try Dilemma Coaching!

You’ve got a big decision to make.

Career. Travel. Home. Family. Job interview.

dilemma coachingDilemmas come in many shapes and sizes. And they’re easy to get stuck in. Going round and round. Or not moving at all.

What you need is a bit of distance. Fresh eyes. A safe sounding board who has no vested interest. Some new perspectives.

Book a 90 minute or 2 hour Dilemma Coaching session and I’ll give you all those things. Call me on 07740 465 660 to arrange – they can be by phone or in person here in Chapel Allerton. I can often do them at short notice! Like the one below – called me at 11.00, walked through the door at 19.00.

Here’s what Sue said about hers – “I had been grappling with a dilemma for some considerable time, I had three options and I was shifting aimlessly from one to another over a period of several months. Tilla helped me to examine each of my options, worked with how each one met or did not meet my personal values and during the session my best option jumped out and showed itself very clearly!  This was so cathartic for me and I felt like a giant weight had lifted off my shoulder and it was the best hour I had spent in a long time.”  Sue Yeadon, Senior Project Manager, Independent Contractor