Inspirational Speaker around Yorkshire

Looking for an inspirational speaker to add fire, flair and fun to your event? Look no further!

Looking for a leadership keynote speaker? Want to get a staff group fired up? Do you host a women’s group in a community or a corporate setting? Want something interactive? With no PowerPoint in sight?

If you’re looking for a fun and authentic inspirational speaker I’d love to come along. I promise you that everyone will leave with new ideas, some great tools and a big burst of energy and enthusiasm!

I’ll be upfront – I love speaking. Give me an audience of any size and I’m on fire. I always come away from a talk buzzing. So, if your women’s group wants some buzz CALL ME!

Tilla Brook|Inspirational Speaker Yorkshire

In full flow!

I love to bring an audience to life. Here I am at the annual Leeds Teaching Hospitals Nursing Conference a couple of years back. Last speaker of a long day. I made them smile!

If you want that inspirational speaker call me today to make a booking – 0113 217 5680

Prices – £750 within the Yorkshire area.

Here’s Ann on a session I did for the Breakthrough Group at LLoyds in their Leeds HQ.

I really enjoyed Tilla’s session because it was entertaining and fun and it was good to know I wasn’t the only one identifying with those limiting beliefs.  It was good to see everyone in the room identifying with those gremlins and laughing at the realisation of what the real purpose that gremlin was serving. For those of us who have children it gave us food for thought about how we praise and the messages we are giving to our children not only by what we say but how we say it. Thank you Tilla for a brilliant session.
Ann Hughes, BS Senior Accountant, Llloyds