Macmillan Professionals coaching and development


I work alongside Macmillan Cancer Support Professionals and teams as coach, facilitator, trainer and cheerleader.

You are all amazing.

Here are some of the benefits we’ve created together so far (your words)

Macmillan Professionals coaching

These are some of the things I’ve done

⇒ Macmillan Professionals coaching

Enabling Macmillan Professionals to settle into new roles, begin new projects, manage the transition to retirement and lead teams. Macmillan Professionals Coaching is available to all Mac Professionals who have been in post 6 months or more. I coach people from across Yorkshire and Humberside and over into the east of Lanchashire. Want to know more? Check out the article in Mac Voice. Give me a call to ask questions. And details of how to apply are here on Macmillan Cancer Support LearnZone.

⇒ Work with teams where there is at least one Macmillan Professional

A wide range of interventions including enabling teams who are having a hard time to have some courageous conversations and get back on track; developing collective leadership; exploring pathways and planning for the future.

⇒ Training and development days

Leadership retreats and one off sessions developed for specialist roles including Information Workers and Band 4 staff.

Talk to your MDM or LDM about what kind of support may be available in your area. It can often be funded by a group grant.

Case Study – York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Macmillan Professionals coachingOne of those pieces of development work was with the CNS team at York Hospitals. Their Lead Cancer Nurse Tracey Goldsbrough approached me and asked if I could improve their confidence and credibility. Primarily so they could drive improved care.

Some of the issues they were struggling with included:

– feeling that they weren’t being listened to and taken seriously, sometimes because of other staff making assumptions about age, gender and experience
– having such high expectations of themselves that they were unable to meet them. So were constantly struggling with self-doubt and guilt
– not feeling that it was okay to ask for help for fear of looking weak or incompetent.
– feeling unable to overcome their fears so that they could take risks to drive change.

The overall impact was frustration, poor motivation and low job satisfaction. Tracey’s aim was to help them to overcome these barriers and to see themselves as leaders in their field.

Read it here

Tracey and I wrote it up for Mac Voice. We titled our article “How collective learning is helping clinical nurse specialists improve their confidence in the workplace”.

Tilla’s expertise in understanding and working with difficult behaviours is invaluable with teams who need that extra bit of support. 

Macmillan ProfessionalsTilla skilfully challenges disruptive behaviours and limiting thoughts or beliefs in a way that doesn’t allow the behaviour continue, with the inevitable impact on the wider team, but leaves the individual with an increased personal awareness and their dignity intact.

I have worked with Tilla on a number of complex team development activities across Macmillan.  Tilla’s approach is flexible, professional and enthusiastic.  I am always confident that however negative, disengaged or challenging the group, Tilla will be able to help them to find a way to a better way of working.

Tilla is skilled in helping the transformation from disengagement and negativity to a recognition that things need to change and a commitment to make that change. No matter how difficult the task in hand most individuals leave her session with a more positive outlook and, of course, an action-plan under their arm.

Helen Moreton, Learning and Development Manager (North of England), Macmillan Cancer Support

I now listen to my inner wise self more frequently and always will do.

Tilla is a fantastic coach and truly enabled me to explore areas and corners of my soul I haven’t been to before- or been to and shut the door quickly and not had the courage to explore.  Tilla uses many methods to do this, but it really appealed to me to use metaphors, imagination and courage and she facilitates all of that and then some!

Tilla has a way of letting people delve into self-awareness even if feeling uncomfortable in doing so.  She makes you feel safe and also safe to feel – in my case, proud, accepting of help, not to be afraid of status. I really enjoyed every session and will miss them.  As I said to Tilla, everyone should be ‘Tillarised’ and not feel ‘terrorised’.

Debbie Smith, Manager, Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre