Midlife coaching for women

 In need of midlife coaching for women?

Is this you?

Lots of life experience under your belt. Made mistakes and learned from them. Others turn to you for support and wisdom. You’ve paid your dues.

Midlife can be a turbulent time. It feels like you should have all your ducks in a row by now – and they’re not (or not often). You’re pulled in multiple directions, with little time for yourself. You’re yearning for less. Less stress. Less complexity. Less time at work. Less fitting around other people. It’s easy to lose sight of the bridge and simply stumble across.

Or maybe you’re an empty nester coming to terms with your teenagers flying off into their new lives – leaving you wondering what YOUR new life might look like.

midlife coaching for women|coaching for women in midlife crisisYet it’s not all tough. There are new opportunities – self-employment, a second career, a new relationship. Maybe even a gap year.

Midlife coaching for women who are ready to cross the bridge to the future. It works!

Together we’ll grow your resources and create a toolkit to support you as you move forward. I’ll stand beside you and cheer you on as you tap into your own wisdom and experience and release the wise woman within you. Let her guide you across this bridge to the life you deserve to have.

“I knew I wanted to feel better about the second half of my life and, through one to one coaching, Tilla enabled me to ‘unlock’ some of my thinking, be less fearful and welcome change rather than fighting against it.” Christine

“Life has changed enormously over the last year and continues to change. There have been some really scary moments and Tilla has supported me across the bridge from pain to power. When I met her my life was totally out of balance, today it’s so much more in balance.” Joan Haines

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