My Approach – Clear Communication is the Key

All my work is in service of two fundamental beliefs

Tilla Brook| Catalyst Convener Leader Coach


Firstly that human beings are brilliant and magnificent. I see the best of who you are and enable you to grow your confidence and self-belief. Then you can let that brilliance sparkle and shine. That’s the catalyst and coach in me.

Secondly that authentic and clear communication makes the world a richer place. I build skills in asking great questions, clarifying assumptions and expectations, saying the important stuff clearly and briefly. In other words “getting your point across”.  Then I bring people together to listen and to talk so that you can connect with what’s important and be more effective. That’s the convener and leader in me.

Throughout my work I use metaphor, images, drawing, colour and lots of movement! If you want a coach who sits down and has a conversation with you – try someone else! I CAN do it, when it’s needed. And things stick more when we move and use the whole of our brains.

“I’m much more in control, much happier and have got balance back in my life. I’ve gained more respect from some colleagues. I get what I want more often!” Clare Nestor, Volunteering Development Manager, Citizens Advice

why do I need a life coach

Lots of pictures and metaphors here!

I don’t expect perfection – I’m a believer in the magnificence and messiness of being human. I believe utterly in the people I choose to work with and champion them to be their best. Developing people is my passion. I am often awed by what people are capable of when they trust themselves enough to have a go.

And I’m not ashamed to say that I love the people I work with. So if you’re not prepared to be inspired and challenged to be your very best go somewhere else! If you ARE curious about how you can change your life book some time to talk to me. We’ll explore what matters to you, do a bit of coaching and answer questions together.

I’ve done my own midlife crisis – you can read about it here

As catalyst, convener, leader and coach I draw on all of who I am. I’m a great listener, curious and perceptive. I’m funny and quirky, with a rich vein of laughter. I’m warm and deeply compassionate of human frailty, yours and mine. Someone who sees the best of who you are and what you can be. I’m energetic and enthusiastic and love colour, pictures and metaphors. I work constantly at authentic communication and courageous (difficult) conversations – I can hold silence, I tell great stories, and the truth.

What’s a convener?

Art of Convening Core TeleTraining GraduateThe Art of Convening, or “technology of  relationships”, is a practical and essential methodology for transformational engagements. It’s about how we create the best possible conditions for gathering people together, communicating at our best and delivering the desired outcomes. making meetings work in this way is critical to the long-term vitality and success of  organisations and communities and the people within them. Because in the end it’s all about people, their voices and their wisdom. I’m a Certified Convener, trained by Heartland, The Convening Company.

Tilla Brook|Professional Certified Coach ICFThe reason I wanted you for my coach is because you are a bit quirky. You’re a bit off the wall every now and again. You do unexpected things so I find you interesting. I like your take on things because  you’re very compassionate and empathetic but you don’t shy away from saying difficult things to people. And you make me laugh. 

You’re just a bit off the wall every now and again and I find it funny. You’re an individual. You stand on your own. And I can see things in you that I really like and I’d like to be able to do myself.


My Promises to You

Money back guarantee, International Coaching Federation ethics, discretion, honesty, directness, transparency. Want to know more?

Experience and training

CPCC logo|CTI CoachI trained with Coaches Training Institute, an industry leader, and qualified as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in 2013 (CPCC). I’ve also graduated from CTI’s 10-month Leadership programme. I am certified with the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. I have over 1500 hours of coaching under my belt. I’m also accredited to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Belbin Team Roles, insights into who you are and how you shine.