Coaching to Lead Yourself

You can’t lead other people successfully until you can lead yourself

That’s leading in your family, work team, friendship group or community. Whether you have a job title that says LEADER or not.

So, I coach you to

Know yourself, your values, purpose in life, strengths and skills.

Know your frailties, unhelpful thinking and bad habits!

Be able to recognise when you’re off balance and what works to get you back.

Being honest with yourself and others.

Being able to forgive yourself for your mess ups.

Increase your flexibility so you can choose new behaviours.

Be able to PAUSE so you can CHOOSE to respond instead of react.

Up your confidence and have a go.

Most of the people I coach are nurses and AHPs in the NHS and Macmillan. They’re in leadership roles between Band 6 and 8. And yes, I do coach other people. Ask me.

MY HOURS – I no longer coach in the evenings or at weekends. Yippee! I know lots of coaches who do so ask me for a recommendation if that’s when you’re available.

“My confidence has greatly increased, and I now have so many new skills/strategies that I can use, not just in my professional life but also in my personal life. Tilla has been a fantastic coach. She encouraged me to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective.”

Paula Daley

“It’s honestly been one of the best courses I have ever attended in the Trust (and I’ve been here rather a long time). Your teaching style is unique, refreshing and so engaging and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Katy Houseman