The quarter life crisis!

The quarter life crisis sucks!

Is this you? Late 20s or early 30s, think you chose the wrong career, feeling stuck and unhappy, comparing yourself with others and think you should just buck up in some way? It’s probably the quarter life crisis.

“On paper I had the perfect life.  But in practice I was miserable.  Tilla helped me realise what was causing my unhappiness and gave me the tools to change what needed to be changed and manage what couldn’t.  18 months down the line and, thanks to Tilla, I’m happier and more content than I’ve ever been.” Rachel Fogg, Associate Director

Qualified or lots of experience. Good job. Friends. Place to live. Smart phone. Student loan paid or in the process of being dealt with. Probably late 20s to early 30s.

It looks as if life should be pretty good.

Yet you are asking: “Is this it? Is this what life has to offer? Because it’s not enough.”

You want more, even if you don’t know what “MORE” is right now.

You are old and wise enough now not to dash over the bridge without looking. And it would be good to have a listening ear and wise counsel to help you move forward.

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“Last year I had reached a point where I knew I wasn’t embracing or really enjoying my life and I wanted more. I had always felt something was holding me back, but until then never found the strength to start this journey of self discovery and address the issues.

quarter life crisis life coachingOver the last year I have discovered so much about myself and day by day my confidence about myself and my place in the world is becoming clearer. Tilla has helped me make sense of this and shown great empathy and a safe place to be over this time. She challenges whilst giving you space and really listens and understands you. This journey of self discovery isn’t over but I feel a lot better about the road I’m taking”

Name withheld

The quarter life crisis can keep you trapped as long as you think that you don’t have options

I’ll support you to explore both sides of the bridge, open up options andmake decisions about the next phase of your life, whatever that holds. New job, relationship, baby, breaking free, creating what you want. To find your own unique way to get to the other side and create the toolkit of internal and external resources to support you.

“Tilla helped me embrace new perspectives and options and I have recognised a real shift in the way I think about things and the actions I take. Bit by bit with Tilla’s coaching I have created a braver, and happier version of myself!”

“Through your coaching I have discovered what makes me happy, learned to trust that I am deserving of that happiness and gained practical tools and skills which work with my own individual talents to build MY LIFE the way I want it to be.”
Jan Steele