Development to Lead Others

I’m passionate about enabling MDTs in the NHS and Macmillan to grab a hold of leadership and LEAD!

One of the challenges the NHS faces is growing collective leadership near the front line. That means ward teams that communicate well. Community teams that support each other. MDTs that are led with passion, clarity and purpose. Nursing teams that focus on what matters.

That’s my passion. Over the past 10 years I’ve supported teams to completely turn themselves around, from red and amber to green on the dashboard. And from squabbling and lacklustre to engaged and shining!

If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, working in a dispirited team, firefighting and moaning about it all – exercise your leadership muscles and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! With my support you CAN set about building a great team. You can create better communication, set clear standards, hold boundaries, have tough conversations, agree your priorities and a whole lot more besides.

“Since working with Tilla the team is able to be honest about who we are and how we work. We are able to visualise our future and the impact is a sense of focus and a common goal. We’ve been nominated as most improved ward in the hospital”.

Sharon Devlin,


Band 6 and 7 Leadership development

Band 6 and 7 leadership is a fascinating balancing act. I think it’s one of the keys to how the NHS runs. Most Band 6s still carry a full clinical workload as a nurse, clinical scientist, pharmacist or AHP. Many 7s are still clinical for part of their week. AND they are expected to lead, and sometimes to follow. To delegate, manage workload, set and maintain standards of performance, communicate skilfully, lead authentically and still do the day job. Oh, and to set an example at all times. Often with little or no leadership training or support. We expect a lot from them!

Get in touch to find out how I could support your band 6 and 7 leaders TO LEAD. 0113 217 5680.


“My journey into coaching with Tilla began after a group wellbeing program. I have found both the group sessions and the one to one coaching extremely beneficial in supporting me to deal with work related stress in a positive and self-evaluative way. I would recommend coaching to anyone who wishes to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career”

Sarah Moss