Tilla Brook

I believe we’re all pretty much ok as we are. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t room for most of us to take up more space in the world, smooth the rough edges and have a more powerful voice. My work is in enabling you to show up as yourself, build confidence and learn to manage the bits of your brain that get in your way. Then you can sparkle!

And, since Margaret Wheatley says that “conversation is how we humans think together” another part of my work is building skills in asking great questions, shutting up to listen, clarifying assumptions and expectations and saying the important stuff. In other words, “getting your point across with clarity”.

Throughout my work I use metaphor, images, drawing, colour and lots of movement! If you want a coach who sits down and has a conversation with you – try someone else! I CAN do it, when it’s needed. And things stick more when we move and use the whole of our brains.

I don’t expect perfection – I’m a believer in the magnificence and messiness of being human. I believe utterly in the people I choose to work with and champion them to be their best. Developing people is my passion. I am often awed by what people are capable of when they trust themselves enough to have a go.

I’m a great listener, curious and perceptive. I’m funny and quirky, with a rich vein of laughter. I’m warm and deeply compassionate of human frailty, yours and mine. Someone who sees the best of who you are and what you can be. I’m energetic and enthusiastic and love colour, pictures and metaphors. And I’m not ashamed to say that I love the people I work with. So, if you’re not prepared to be inspired and challenged to be your most chocolatey self go somewhere else!

My Approach - Bigger and more CHOCOLATEY!