Coaching for transformational leadership in nursing and NHS

Being a Band 6, 7 or 8 is all about transformational leadership in nursing, AHP land and MDTs – leading yourself and others. And it’s not easy! Watch the video . . . 

More Confidence | Tilla Brook Coaching

“Increased confidence enables me to control my work load – I’m saying no and learning how to prioritise my work load and demands of my time from other people. I have time to myself to complete tasks I have been putting off, I am able to work more with my team as opposed to feel the electronic allurement from my email!” Lucy John, Sister

transformational leadership in nursing

Are you missing these things:

  • Team support?
  • Feeling competent and confident?
  • The buzz of the ward or department?
  • Getting your voice heard?
  • Family life and work-life balance?

  transformational leadership in nursingAsk yourself the question Would I follow Me?

If the answer is NO or SOMETIMES contact me TODAY to talk about getting some transformational leadership in nursing coaching and support!

In the RCN article “Examining transformational approaches to effective leadership in healthcare settings” Ian Govier and Sue Nash demonstrate the three big leadership challenges – navigating CHANGE, creating CHOICE and working with PRINCIPLES. My own version of coaching to create transformational leadership in nursing does ALL THREE.

Leadership is more than just a job title. In our families, communities and workplaces authentic leadership changes lives. Every leader is different – leadership is as unique as you are, and leading with impact takes practise. Authentic leaders build a compelling vision of the future. They wake people up. They create an environment for risk, action and learning. They create impact and make things happen.

Book an exploratory coaching callI’ll enable you to

  • Work out how to balance strategic and operational demands.
  • Lead yourself and others.
  • Find your centre of gravity and set boundaries.
  • Form new relationships to support you.
  • Develop your ability to step back and observe yourself.
  • Choose how you want to respond.

Have you seen the Healthcare Leadership Model?

It’s been designed to help you to become a better leader – whatever your role, whatever your band. A great resource for transformational leadership in nursing and all roles in the NHS.

It’s useful for everyone because it describes the things you can see leaders doing at work and demonstrates how you can develop as a leader – even if you’re not in a formal leadership role.

The model is made up of nine leadership dimensions, which you can explore in your own time, at your own pace. Click on the image above to take you to the Leadership Academy page, where you’ll find brief descriptions of each dimension – why it is important and ‘what it is not’ – so that you can fully understand it in relation to your role. Once you’ve explored the dimensions, you may want to undertake the free self assessment tool, which helps you to assess your leadership behaviours and more fully understand your leadership development.

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